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More automation · More efficiency · More time

Basis for a successful project:


  • Master data maintenance: The key to successful project planning and complete documentation
  • Macro technology: For increased efficiency in projects, especially in mass production and error minimisation “copy – paste”
  • Components management: Editing and updating your components databases

Master data maintenance:

Our standard sheets are tailored to you. The standard sheets (the “DIN frame” of the circuit diagram) will include your logo, job number, project number, page descriptions, location of the site, etc. The forms used are also customised for your company. This includes the bills of material in which only the most important information should be displayed in order to guarantee your customers a good overview in the BOM, terminal diagrams, etc.


We aim to optimise your work processes through higher levels of automation and standardisation. We achieve this by using macros that are specially tailored to your needs. If, for example, we insert a PLC macro, OneClick will create three new schematic pages showing the overview and the inputs and outputs. It is also possible to create whole page macros in which various information is stored, e.g.

  • Components: Terminals, contactors, single conductors, etc.
  • Cross sections of cables
  • Cross-references

Using macros not only saves you time, but also avoids errors due to “copy & paste” or ordering of incorrectly stored components.

Component management:

A well-maintained component database allows you to automate your processes considerably. It is essential to standardise this process. It should determine, for example, which languages, macros and component information is to be stored in order to avoid time-consuming reworking.

Common examples include:

  • Foreign languages not stored
  • Macros missing for the design
  • Missing data for project evaluation


By observing these key factors, you will be able to lead your company to greater success. Our offer includes several benefits such as cost savings and quality assurance, and provides the tools to achieve a long-term competitive advantage.

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