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Repair and maintenance

Specialists for MES Energy emergency power systems

Ensuring your electrical systems are professionally maintained reduces the risk of unplanned downtime, which can be both costly and damaging to your corporate image. Factors such as dirt, humidity, aging and overloading are often underestimated, especially as they significantly weakening your electrical system. These factors create risk of malfunction and in a worst case scenario can lead to the risk of electrical shock.

For safety reasons, every electrical systems operator is obliged to adhere to the maintenance schedule determined by the risk assessment, according to DIN VDE 0150-100 (operation of electrical systems).

We offer maintenance contracts to guarantee the smooth functioning of your systems and remove any complications from the process. It will give you an overview of your costs as well as a contact person who is always available in the event of an emergency.

Benefits at a glance:

  • We take care of your operator duties (maintenance records in case of damage)
  • Permanent backup of your power supply
  • Maintain the value of your system
  • Increase the life of your electric system
  • Time and cost savings

Our maintenance services for switchgear systems:

  • Expert cleaning
  • Visual and metrological inspection of built-in disconnectors and circuit breakers
  • Inspection of electrical connections
  • Temperature monitoring via measurement or thermography
  • Functional testing of protective devices
  • Earthing system testing
  • Repair work where necessary
  • Recommendations for further maintenance measures
  • Recording all work carried out



  • for dirt, damage (visual inspection)
  • of push buttons and switches
  • of visual and acoustic control units
  • of contractors and relays for damage
  • of terminals for tight fit (cable tension test)
  • of terminal tightening
  • of program sequence of the switchgear system
  • of threshold setting of the overcurrent trip unit (visual inspection)
  • of safety-related system components
  • of speed controller and synchronous controller
  • of settings (adjusted if necessary)
  • functional test of all electromotive monitoring and control devices
  • recording of all work carried out

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